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The BBC7 block
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Who do you think is the funniest radio comedy character? 
28th-Nov-2007 11:55 pm
Me normal
BBC 7 are making a programme for next year which includes the 'funniest radio comedy character' as voted for by you. Of course that means you need to vote, so off you go. The 12 candidates are:

Eccles (the goons)
The Glums (take it from here)
Hancock (hancocks half hour)
Julian & Sandy (round the horne)
Captain Mainwaring (dads army)
Gerald C. Potter (the intricate life of gerald c. potter)
Alan Partridge (knowing me knowing you)
Eric Pode (the burkis way)
Charles Prentiss (absoloute power)
Satan (old harrys game)
John Shuttleworth (the shuttleworths)
Albert & Harold Steptoe (steptoe and sun)

You can vote for which you think is the best here.
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